Michael Wardian

40 years old, Arlington, VA-United States of America, father of 2 young boys (Pierce-8 years old & Grant-6 years old), Marathon and Ultra Marathon Runner, lover of Foosball, healthy eats, nut butters, Bearded Brother Bars, Sweetgreen Salads, Relay Foods groceries and a former Division 1 lacrosse player and traveler.

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2015 Results:

February 7, 2015-Tarawera Ultramarathon 100K, Rotorua, New Zealand-8:23:38-5th place overall (1st Master)-under previous course record-(

January 18, 2015-Cheveron Houston Marathon-2:23:32-20th place, 2nd Master

January 25, 2015-Miami Marathon-2:27:24-4th place overall, 1st Master

2014 Results (54 races completed):

*Overall Winner of the Dopey Challenge for fastest time for all four (4) events

2/3-8/14-The Coastal Challenge, Costa Rica-143 miles-23:26:23-1st place overall

2/16/14-The GW Birthday 50K-Alexandria, VA-10K-33:07-5th place

2/23/14-The Cowtown Marathon 50K-Fort Worth, TX-3:00:21-1st place

3/02/14-The USATF 50K National Championships-2:59:31-2nd place

3/15/14-The Tarawera Ultra Marathon-Rotorua, New Zealand-6:28:46-8th place

3/30/14-The Runners Marathon on Reston, Reston, VA -2:44:44-1st place

4/9/14-The UVU North Pole Marathon-North Pole-4:07:40-1st place

4/12/14-The Stroud Foundation 5K, Washington, DC-18:56-1st place

4/13/14-GW Parkwary 10 Miler, Alexandria, VA-52:36-6th place / 1st Master

4/21/14-The 118th BAA Boston Marathon, Boston, MA-2:23:32-44th place / 3rd Master

4/27/14-The Big Sur Marathon, Carmel, CA-2:27:45-1st place / Set Master Course Record

5/04/14-Wings for Life World Run, Sunrise, FL-1st place overall-35.88 Miles / 1st Master

5/25/14-The KeyBank Vermont City Marathon, Burlingon, VT-2:27:37-6th place overall / 1st Master

6/01/14-The 89th Comrades Marathon, Durban, South Africa-6:08:23-36th place overall / 1st USA

6/08/14-The Ethiopian Marathon-Race 4 Ever, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia-1st place overall


Previous Results:

December 7, 2013-The North Face Endurance Challenge-San Francisco-7:14:44-16th place

November 24, 2013-Kinhaven 5k-17:39-1st place

November 23, 2013-JFK 50 Miler-5:55:37-3rd place

November 17, 2013-Rock & Roll Las Vegas-2:57:56-10th place

November 17, 2013-Rock & Roll San Antonio-2:31:19-1st place

November 10, 2013-Woodrow Wilson Bridge 1/2 marathon-1:10:09-13th place

October 27, 2013-38th annual Marine Corps Marathon-2:27:05-5th place

October 22, 2013-The North Face Endurance Challenge, Chile-8:44:18-2nd place

October 13, 2013-Lower Potomac 10 Miler-56:26-1st place

October 12, 2013-Freedoms Run Marathon-2:33:14-1st place

September 28, 2013-Ultra Race of Champions (UROC)-100K-13:22-23rd place

September 14, 2013-Bays Mountain Trail Race 15 miles-1:38:56-1st place

September 8, 2013-Parks 1/2 Marathon-1:12:01-15 place

September 1, 2013-Kauai Marathon-2:37:58-3rd place

August 18, 2013-Hartwood 10 Miler-54:48-1st place

August 17, 2013-Gary Brown 5 Miler-26:40-5th place

August 10, 2013-Health Focus of Southewest Virginia Salem Distance Run 10K-33:29-1st place

July 27, 2013-SpeedGoat 50K-6:34:33-25th overall

July 14, 2013-Grant Pierce Indoor Marathon & 50K-1st overall Marathon & 50K (50k World Record): 3:12:13

July 7, 2013-Ivy 5K-16:25-2nd place overall

July 6, 2013-Seashore Striders 5K-16:27-1st place overall

June 29, 2013-The North Face Endurance Challenge Ecuador-50 miler-8:44:18-2nd place overall

June 22, 2013-The North Face Endurance Challenge Costa Rica-50 miler-6:58:55-1st place overall

June 16, 2013-The Wipro San Francisco Marathon-2:30:18-3rd place overall

June 2, 2013-The North Face Endurance Challenge 10K-Washington, DC-36:01-2nd place overall

June 2, 2013-The North Face Endurance Challenge 5K-Washington, DC-19:02-1st place overall

June 2, 2013-The North Face Endurance Challenge-Gore-Tex 50 Miler-6:45:36-1st place overall

May 27, 2013-The Vermont City Marathon-2:30:15-5th place overall

14th place at Empire State Building Run Up
1st place at 2011 Lower Potomac Marathon-set Guinness World Record-Fastest Marathon as Superhero (Spider Man)
3rd place at 2011 Shamrock Marathon
1st place at 2011 National Marathon (5 time winner)
19th place at Two Oceans Marathon (56K)-First USA
11th place at Comrades Marathon (87K)-First USA
3rd place at The North Face Endurance Challenge-50 Miler
1st place at The North Face Endurance Challenge-1/2 Marathon
13th place and Olympic Trails Qualifier (2:17:49)-Grandma's Marathon
3rd Place at Badwater Ultra Marathon
1st Place at Grant and Pierce Indoor Marathon (4 days after Badwater)
1st Place at San Francisco Marathon
1st Place at The North Face Endurance Challenge 50K-Kansas City
1st Place at The North Face Endurance Challenge 1/2 Marathon-Kansas City
2nd Place at the Kauai Marathon
2nd Place and Silver Medalist at 100K World Championships and First ever Team Gold Medal for 100K World Team for USA-The Netherlands
2nd Place at the Ultra Race of Champions (UROC) 100K
3rd place at 2011-ING Miami Marathon
2nd place at 2011-Disney Marathon
1st at 2010 ING Miami Marathon
1st at 2010 Delaware Marathon
1st at 2010 National Marathon-Washington, DC
Bronze Medal at 2009 & 2010 50K World Championships-Gibraltar, Gibraltar
3rd Place at 2010-100K World Championships-Gibraltar, Gibraltar
6th Place at 2009-100K World Championships-Torhout, Belgium
USATF National Champion: 2008, 2009, 2010 USATF 50K National Championships
USATF National Champion: 2008-USATF 50 Mile Trail Championships
USATF National Champion: 2008-USATF 100K


USATF Master Ultra Runner of the Year-2014 (Road & Trail)

IAU Ultra Runner of the Year 2010

USATF Ultra Runner of the Year-2008 & 2009 & 2010 & 2011

New York Road Runners Ultra Runner of the Year: 2009